resources For clients:
Access email from the web (webmail) (requires email hosting by PerfectWeb)
Email settings - basic email settings for clients using our email service
Outgoing email service - learn about our SMTP server
Email Spam Filter - learn about our spam filter
Credit card payments for PerfectWeb invoices
Register a domain name - a great website deserves a great domain name
Constant Contact - our email marketing partner - sign up for a free account
Web Font Demo - fonts for your website - white background (opens in new window)
Web Font Demo - fonts for your website - black background (opens in new window)

For web developers:
Browser Sniffer - a tool to get information about your browser
Flash Version Detection - a tool to find your browser's Flash version
Email Encoding - keep spam bots from harvesting email addresses
PHP preg_match Tool - test your regex string
Unix Time Tool - enter a date and time to get the unix timestamp
CSS Demo - CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) font size demo

Web 101:
HTML Primer - a quick lesson on some basic HTML usage
Preparing Web Graphics - a quick overview of preparing graphics for your website
Email Catch-All Accounts - receiving all email to your domain
Dealing With Spam Email - some general advice on reducing spam email
Google Cheat Sheet - if you use Google frequently, check this out