Domain Registration

PerfectWeb provides domain registration services for our clients. The cost is $25 per year per domain, billed in two year increments. Let us know which domain you want, and if it's available, we will register the domain in your name for two years at a total cost of $50. You will receive renewal invoices from PerfectWeb every two years. If you ever need to change the contact information in your domain record or transfer your domain to someone else, just contact us. We can also help with purchasing domains from third parties and sorting out problems with registered domains.

If you want to know if a domain is available for registration, you can use a "whois" service to lookup the domain. If no record is found, the domain may be available for registration. We recommend the whois service provided by Geektools at Enter the domain you want (i.e. "") in the "Whois" field.

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